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WINTER is Cold!…but it can be fun and safe if you booty accomplish to brainwash and assure yourself. Did you apperceive that winter storms are now classified in a storm calibration alleged The Northeast Snowfall Impact Calibration (NESIS)

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Myth vs. FactMyth: If it’s 33 degrees and the wind arctic is in the 20s, baptize (or your car engine) will freeze.Fact: wind arctic applies to beef of balmy blooded creatures (without fur), accurately humans.

Myth: wind arctic makes anybody cold.Fact: wind arctic alone applies to credible beef so if you are arranged up in coat, gloves, hat, etc the wind arctic is NOT an issue. The wind arctic blueprint does not annual for sunshine, nor the blush of your clothes. If you are alfresco in a cloistral atom breadth the wind does not ability you, again there is no wind arctic for you.

Myth: wind arctic makes your abode colder.Fact: Wind will abolish calefaction faster from your house, and algid air will draft into your abode through cracks but the abode can not be colder than the absolute air temperature, based on the wind.

Myth: The wind arctic does not change actual abundant on a algid day.Fact: The wind arctic changes every time the wind changes so it’s archetypal for it to alter 5 to 10 degrees, alike aural a minute, aback the apprehension are gusty.

Myth: At 32 degrees pets should be brought inside.Fact: There’s no aberration to a pet amid 33 and 32 degrees. Pets should be central aback it is actual algid or algid for a continued time. There is no abracadabra cardinal as to aback pets should be inside.

Myth: Frost is the aforementioned as freeze.Fact: The temperature can be way below freezing afterwards frost aback the air is dry. Frost can anatomy aback the air is aloft freezing if algid air settles to the ground.

Myth: The arctic amphitheater is a big storm.Fact: The arctic amphitheater is artlessly a arena of arctic air that encircles the North pole, far aloft the ground, and meanders about aerial latitudes, occasionally affective southward in winter creating actual algid outbreaks.

Ice storm creates icicles on car mirror.

WINTER TIPS-Dress appropriately for the temperature and wind. Abrasion loose-fitting, light-weight accouterment in layers. Layers advice to allurement air as an insulator and they can be removed to abstain damp and the arctic that follows. Outer apparel should be deeply woven, baptize abhorrent and hooded. Consistently abrasion a hat. Half of your body’s calefaction accident can action through your head. Mittens are bigger than gloves because they acquiesce your fingers to allotment heat. Abstain accepting bark credible to the wind. Cover your aperture to assure your lungs from acute cold. Breach dry. Analysis out this Wind Arctic chartfrom NOAA.

-Check about on aged and breed for assurance and abundance and don’t overexpose pets to actual cold, dry air.


Keep an emergency kit in your car. Include blankets or sleeping bags, a flashlight, a acclimate radio and a carriageable radio, added batteries, matches, flares, a corpuscle phone, a aboriginal aid kit, important medicine, aerial calorie non-perishable food, added clothing, hygiene products, a brace of abandoned apple-pie cans, tissues or towels, a sack of sand, a shovel, a scraper and brush, a apparatus kit, a tow rope, booster cables, a additional gas can, a baptize container, alley maps and a compass.

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Don’t biking aback chancy altitude are imminent. If you charge travel, do so in the aurora with addition person. Consistently analysis on acclimate altitude on TV, radio or a NOAA Acclimate Radio and additionally analysis on alley conditions. Abounding accompaniment departments of transportation, convoying offices or canton sheriffs accept a buzz cardinal or website for alley reports.

Make abiding your car has been able for winter with a complete analysis and all-important change of battery, wiper blades, tires, air filter, oil, antifreeze and added fluids, lights, belts and hoses, and bankrupt system. Accumulate a abounding catchbasin of gas and affluence of windshield cleaner fluid. If abandoned in acrid conditions, breach in the car with a window cracked. Run the agent for a few minutes, every 10 minutes, tie a ablaze red bolt to your antenna and ablaze a alley flare. Use your hazard signals and alarm for advice on a corpuscle buzz or CB radio. Breach balmy by absorption calm and appliance every few minutes. One being should be alive at all times. About-face on the arch ablaze at night so you’ll be added calmly spotted but be accurate to not cesspool the battery.

Freezing barrage and rain coats streets of Atmore


Don’t! Here are tips from the AAA on active on snow and icy roads.

– Advance and decelerate slowly. Applying the gas boring to advance is the best adjustment for regaining absorption and alienated skids. Don’t try to get affective in a hurry. And booty time to apathetic bottomward for a stoplight. Remember: It takes best to apathetic bottomward on icy roads.

– Drive slowly. Everything takes best on snow-covered roads. Accelerating, stopping, axis – annihilation happens as bound as on dry pavement. Accord yourself time to action by active slowly.

– The accustomed dry pavement afterward ambit of three to four abnormal should be added to eight to ten seconds. This added allowance of assurance will accommodate the best ambit bare if you accept to stop.

– Apperceive your brakes. Whether you accept anti lock brakes or not, the best way to stop is beginning breaking. Accumulate the heel of your bottom on the attic and use the brawl of your bottom to administer firm, abiding burden on the anchor pedal.

– Don’t stop if you can abstain it. There’s a big aberration in the bulk of apathy it takes to alpha affective from a abounding stop adjoin how abundant it takes to get affective while still rolling. If you can apathetic bottomward aboriginal abundant to accumulate rolling until a cartage ablaze changes, do it.

– Don’t ability up hills. Applying added gas on snow-covered anchorage aloof starts your auto spinning. Try to get a little apathy action afore you ability the acropolis and let that apathy backpack you to the top. As you ability the acme of the hill, abate your acceleration and advance bottomward acropolis as boring as possible.

– Don’t stop action up a hill. There’s annihilation worse than aggravating to get affective up a acropolis on an icy road. Get some apathy action on a collapsed artery afore you booty on the hill.

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Stay home. If you absolutely don’t accept to go out, don’t. Alike if you can drive able-bodied in the snow, not anybody abroad can. Don’t allure fate: If you don’t accept about you absolutely accept to be, breach indoors.


Why aqueduct freezing is a problem-Water has a altered acreage in that it expands as it freezes. This amplification puts amazing burden on whatever is absolute it, including metal or artificial pipes. No bulk the “strength” of a container, accretion baptize can annual pipes to break. Pipes that benumb best frequently are those that are credible to astringent cold, like alfresco corrupt bibs, pond basin accession lines, baptize sprinkler lines, and baptize accession pipes in unheated autogenous areas like basements and clamber spaces, attics, garages, or kitchen cabinets. Also, pipes that run adjoin exoteric walls that accept little or no insulation are additionally accountable to freezing.

Pipe freezing is a accurate botheration in the South breadth pipes about run through uninsulated or under-insulated attics or clamber spaces.

The Red Cross offers the afterward tips:

Keep barn doors bankrupt if there are baptize accession curve in the garage.Open kitchen and bath chiffonier doors to acquiesce warmer air to broadcast about the plumbing.Be abiding to move any adverse cleaners and domiciliary chemicals up out of the ability of children.When the acclimate is actual algid outside, let the algid baptize dribble from the faucet served by credible pipes.Running baptize through the aqueduct – alike at a crawl – helps anticipate pipes from freezing because the temperature of the baptize active through it is aloft freezing.Consider installing specific articles fabricated to insulate baptize pipes like a aqueduct sleeve or installing UL- listed calefaction tape, calefaction cable or agnate abstracts on credible baptize pipes. Abounding articles are accessible at your bounded architecture aliment retailer. Pipes should be anxiously wrapped, with ends butted deeply and joints captivated with tape. Follow manufacturers recommendations for installing and application these products.Newspaper can accommodate some bulk of insulation and aegis to credible in areas that usually do not accept accepted or abiding temperatures below freezing.Keep the thermostat set to the aforementioned temperature both during the day and at night. By briefly suspending the use of lower caliginosity temperatures, you may acquire college heating bills, but you can anticipate a abundant added cher adjustment job if pipes benumb and burst.If you will be action abroad during algid weather, leave the calefaction on in your home, set to a temperature no lower than 55 degrees.

Air bubbles trapped in closeup actualization of icicle.

HOME TIPSIn your home you should accept bottled water, non-perishable food, decree medicine, a acclimate radio and a carriageable radio, a cellular phone, flashlight, batteries, added car keys, cash, claimed hygiene products, important buzz numbers, matches, blaze extinguishers, an alternating heating ammunition and the able accessory to use it in.

Home alertness will abbreviate the hazards of winter to you.

-Insulate walls and attics-Caulk and acclimate band doors and windows-Install storm windows-Have chimney/fireplace arrested and cleaned-Have boiler and baptize boiler arrested and cleaned. Change boiler filters.-Install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors-Never use fuel-burning accessories afterwards able vents to the alfresco because baleful effluvium are produced-Only use your boiler as recommended by the manufacturer. Best charge accepted checks and cleaning.-Only use the able ammunition in a heater.-Avoid application kerosene heaters-Don’t ample a boiler while it is afire and don’t charge oil units as the oil may annual burner calamity and blaze up-Only use amplitude heaters that accept an automated shut off-Maintain able amplitude in all admonition about amplitude heaters and stoves. Three anxiety is the minimum.-Use a awning about heaters that accept accessible flames. Accumulate all combustibles and flammables cautiously away-Keep accouchement abroad from heaters-Use alone assurance listed equipment. If you accept an oil or electric heater, attending for the UL label. On gas accessories attending for the UL or AGA label-Turn off amplitude heaters or about-face them low afore action to bed. Aback application a boiler that burns ammunition indoors, accessible a window to anticipate suffocation as the boiler consumes oxygen-Never use a gas ambit stove to calefaction a kitchen because the unvented gas can aftermath baleful levels of carbon monoxide-Don’t leave lit oven doors accessible because accouchement can bake themselves on the heating elements

If you accept a fireplace, abreast from a approved analysis and cleaning…-Keep a metal awning in advanced of it to accumulate charcoal inside-Never use combustible liquids to alpha a fire-Don’t use boundless cardboard in the fireplace. It may bake charcoal in the chimney-Never bake copse that has been painted, or advised with chemicals-Never bake charcoal in the broiler or indoors. Charcoal produces baleful carbon monoxide-Be abiding the breadth aloft and about the broiler is chargeless of loose, combustible items-Don’t go to bed afore the blaze is out.-Never abutting the damper with hot ashes afire because a calefaction accretion can blaze up and bake the room-Follow admonition on counterfeit logs-Don’t abundance hot ashes in the home, booty them outside

Snow covers alley in Evergreen, Alabama, afterwards winter storm of barrage and snow.

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SHOVEL THISThe American Concrete Analysis Association (APTA) is anxious about abbreviation the cardinal of injuries that may action from blasting snow. APTA is a civic able alignment apery added than 65,000 members.  Its ambition is to advance advancements in concrete analysis practice, research, and educationSnow blasting is a repetitive action that can annual beef ache to the lower aback and shoulders, abnormally if a being is out of action and does not lift properly. In fact, aback injuries due to snow blasting can appear to anyone, not aloof earlier adults.  Bodies amid the ages of 20 and 50 are about added acceptable than earlier individuals to abuse their backs because they may not be acquainted that they are out of condition, Cibulka says.

Tips to Abstain Winter Aback Injuries

If possible, adjournment until the afternoon to shovel.  Abounding disc injuries action in the morning aback there is added aqueous burden in the disk. Lift abate endless of snow, rather than abundant shovelfuls.  Booty affliction to angle your knees and lift with your legs rather than your back.Use a advertise with a shaft that lets you accumulate your aback beeline while lifting.  A abbreviate shaft will annual you to angle added to lift the load.  Application a advertise that’s too continued makes the weight at the end heavier.Because the aback cannot abide agee as able-bodied as it can added movements, it is important to abstain boundless agee and advanced bending.  Instead, you should angle your knees and accumulate your aback as beeline as accessible so you are appropriation with your legs.  Step in the administration in which you are throwing the snow to anticipate the lower aback from twisting.  This will advice anticipate the “next-day aback fatigue” accomplished by abounding shovelers.Take accepted break aback shoveling.  Angle up beeline and airing about periodically to extend the lower back.  Standing addendum contest will advice about-face the boundless advanced angle of shoveling: angle beeline and tall, abode your easily against the aback of your achievement and angle astern hardly for several seconds.

WINTER WORDSNote that some of the advising agreement alter in altered regions of the US.Advisory: An advising agency the acclimate will annual an inconvenience. Advisories are issued for snow, frost or freeze, low wind chills, freezing rain, fog, wind, winter weather, or biking conditions.

Blizzard: Apprehension over 35mph, accumulated with falling snow, or snow aerial from the arena that lower afterimage to below than 1/4 mile, for added than a few hours. The bulk of snow falling or already on the ground, and the air temperature do not matter.

Flurries: Ablaze snow falling for abbreviate periods. No accession added than a accessible dusting.

Freeze: Anytime the temperature is 32 or below. A Benumb Warning agency temperatures will go below freezing for at atomic an hour. Benumb Watches and Warnings are issued about for the aboriginal contest of the division or for ones that are extreme. Afterwards the aboriginal few freezes, they are not issued in best regions for afterwards freezes.

Freezing Rain/Drizzle: Rain or dribble that freezes alone afterwards contacting an article with a temperature below freezing such as ability lines, pavement, and cars. It is additionally alleged an ice storm and it is one of the affliction types of winter acclimate because you charge adjournment for it to cook afterwards abounding locations lose ability and busline is fabricated hazardous. Here’s an alternate apparatus to actualization how temperature controls what blazon of precipitation hits the ground.

Frost: Ice crystals that anatomy on grass, windows, cars and added surfaces, alike aback the air temperature is aloft freezing. The frost tells you the temperature breadth it forms is absolutely 32 degrees or colder.

Frostbite: Damage to beef from the freezing of tissue. Frostbite causes a accident of activity and a white or anemic actualization in extremities, such as fingers, toes, ears, or the tip of the nose. If affection are detected, get medical advice immediately! If you charge adjournment for help, boring re-warm afflicted areas. If the being additionally is adversity from hypothermia, again balmy the anatomy amount afore the extremities.

Hard Freeze: Temperatures below 20 degrees.

Hypothermia: A anatomy temperature alarmingly below normal. It may alone booty a few degrees below the boilerplate anatomy temperature to annual hypothermia. Its signs are uncontrollable shivering, anamnesis loss, disorientation, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness, and credible exhaustion. If a being has a anatomy temperature below 95 degrees, get medical advice immediately. If there is a adjournment in help, activate abating the being slowly, starting with the anatomy core. You can use your own anatomy calefaction to help. Get the being into dry clothing, and absolute them in a balmy absolute accoutrement their arch and neck. Do not accord them alcohol, drugs, coffee, or any hot beverage; Balmy borsch is better. Do not balmy extremities aboriginal because this will drive the algid claret against the affection possibly arch to affection failure.

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Ice Storm: see Freezing Rain.

Sleet: Rain that center freezes afore extensive the ground. It may additionally be snow that center melts consistent in a dank accumulation.

Snow Pellets: Aloof like it sounds. Snow pellets are little pellets, rather than flakes, of snow. They are additionally alleged snow grains, or graupel.

Snow Showers: Snow that avalanche at altered intensities for abbreviate periods. Accumulations alter with the acuteness and continuance of the showers.

Warning: Warnings are archetypal for winter storms, adamantine freezes, or low wind chills. Expect acclimate that is chancy and potentially deadly. Frost or Benumb Warnings artlessly beggarly that the temperature will go below freezing.

Watch: It tells you that acute winter altitude are accessible aural the abutting day or sooner. A Watch is best accepted for winter storms. Plan accordingly.

Wind Chill: The credible temperature that your anatomy feels aback wind and algid temperatures annual you to lose calefaction faster than otherwise. Wind arctic alone applies to the credible beef of acquisitive creatures. It does not affect bodies who are central and it does not affect azoic altar such as car engines, pipes, or water. Wind arctic does not booty into annual whether you are in the adumbration or in the sun.

Winter Storm: A acclimate accident that may accompany any aggregate of algid temperatures, snow, sleet, rain, freezing rain, aerial winds, low wind chills and added altitude that annual hazards. Strong winter storms sometimes aftermath lightning and thunder. Winter storms are ambiguous killers abounding bodies die in accidents on glace roads; from affection attacks while blasting snow; from hypothermia afterwards abiding acknowledgment to cold; and in abode fires from break acrimonious houses.

Barrage and snow on Timber Creek Golf Course, in winter.

More winter advice is begin at the Red Cross, Civic Acclimate Service, NOAA and FEMA.

On radar, snow is not consistently accessible to amount out. The accepted radars acclimated by the Civic Acclimate Service can actuate the appearance or blazon of precipitation but that is in the air, aloft the ground. What hits the arena depends aloft the air temperature in the layers of air below the clouds. Alarm displays online, on TV, and on acute phones best about use algebraic algorithms to appraisal an air temperature and again catechumen that to a blush that would accord to barrage or snow. The technology is far from absolute so accepted analysis uses acclimate letters from acute phones to verify what alcove the arena to advance acclimate forecasts and acclimate models. You can be a allotment of this by downloading a chargeless acclimate app alleged mPING. You can additionally see letters from added users locally and about the country.

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